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American CEO helps ‘Boys and Girls Clubs’ around the world

Tupperware CEO, Rick Goings living ‘Beyond the Dream’



Tupperware Brands to Donate Nearly $1 Million to Philippines Typhoon Recovery

 Tupperware Brands Asia Pacific Region and “Tupperware Brands Cares” Program respond with relief supplies and donations as recovery efforts continue in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan

Tupperware Brands Corporation (NYSE:TUP) today announced donations totaling nearly one million dollars to help the company’s sales force members and residents of the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. The donations will include water-tight products to store personal belongings, food and supplies. In addition, Tupperware Brands will make a monetary donation to the American Red Cross for their efforts to aid the people hardest hit by the storm.

With over one million people displaced and many still in need of food and basic necessities, Typhoon Haiyan has led to a serious humanitarian crisis across the Philippine Islands. Tupperware Brands, which has sales force members living and working in the Philippines, is taking action.

“Whenever something like this happens in the world, we see the true DNA of our global company. The relief response by our people happens naturally,” said Tupperware Brands Chairman and CEO Rick Goings. “Our thoughts continue to be with those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. We lend support to the communities in which we operate during this time of tragedy and tremendous need.”

Relief donations from Tupperware Brands will include:

  • Immediate distribution of 20,000 Eco Water Bottles to the community at-large
  • 10,000 family packs containing products to help store food, water, clothes and valuables for sales force members and impacted families
  • Food and water to the Philippines sales force

Tupperware Brands is also encouraging sales force members and customers worldwide to join with them and make a donation to the American Red Cross through Tupperware’s Chain of Caring Program to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Tupperware will match every dollar donated, up to $30,000.To make donation, click here.

Typhoon Haiyan – Relief for Philippines

Typhoon-ravaged Philippine province of Leyte - DENNIS M. SABANGAN/EPA/LANDOV

Typhoon-ravaged Philippine province of Leyte – Dennis M. Sabangan//EPA/Landov

Typhoon Haiyan is reported to be the deadliest natural disaster to hit the Philippines. It transformed neighborhoods into twisted piles of debris, destroyed roads, airports and bridges and the death toll currently exceeds 10,000. An estimated 660,000 people have been displaced with at least 9.5 million affected in 41 provinces.

Tupperware Brands Corporation is working closely with their staff in the Philippines and NGO partners to make sure response is appropriate and timely for the needs in the community and should have a disaster relief plan soon.

Tupperware Brands Partners with American Red Cross To Assist Disaster Relief

The tornadoes that hit Oklahoma—first in Shawnee, then Moore—  on May 20, 2013 were devastating to the people who live there. Some lost loved ones, suffered injuries and lost everything m17642982_OklahomaResponsethey own. Many families have been affected by this horrific storm and Red Cross Spiritual Care Teams are working with partners to comfort those affected.

Tupperware Brands Corporation is partnering with the American Red Cross to assist with the relief efforts following the devastation of the Oklahoma tornadoes.  Tupperware Brands has established this giving site so that you can make a contribution to help with the recovery efforts in the affected communities.

HOW TO HELP – Click on the following link to make a donation.  Donate Here. Your gift will provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those in need.

Tupperware Indonesia Donated 5,000 Baby Mangrove to Save the Environment

In partnership with World Wide Fund (WWF) Indonesia, Tupperware Indonesia supported their “MyBabyTree” program and donated 5,000 Baby Mangrove for two areas simultaneously, Muara Gembong-Bekasi (Jakarta) and Lamnga Village (Aceh) on March.

The act of planting the mangrove trees is part of an effort to save the environment. These trees planted will bring these areas back to their natural function as the preserved forest and to rectify the quality of environment around the area. This act is also a part of celebrating the World Water Day.

The purpose of the event is to open the public’s eye on the importance of clean water and to encourage them to reduce littering and help reduce sea and beach pollution.  “We feel obligated to contribute to the public and to the environment and keep encouraging people to commit to adopting green living into their daily lives.  By giving them understanding and educating them about the importance of green living for the earth and the environment,” stated Nining W. Pernama, Managing Director, Tupperware Indonesia.

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Tupperware Brands’ Global Social Responsibility 2012 Impact Awards

Tupperware Brands’ Global impact Awards recognize markets that embrace community engagement and social investments as integral parts of the success of their business. These awards also recognize the type of leadership that inspires employees to understand the meaning and importance of being a global neighbor and a stakeholder in the social development of their communities.Title Page

The recipients of the 2012 Global Impact Awards are passionate advocates for meaningful social change, and vocal proponents for equality, opportunity and empowerment for women, children and families. Their heartfelt, hands-on personal participation in community programs inspire others to follow their lead.

Country of the Year Award- Tupperware Indonesia
Tupperware Indonesia reached all levels of society with their charitable and social investment programs – from elementary school hygiene programs, mobile classroom donations and teacher training – through a robust involvement with a school for abandoned children. This multi-facet program agenda fosters deep connections between Associates, Sales Force Members and peer corporations, and positions Tupperware Indonesia as a leader in corporate social responsibility.
Indonesia - Country of Year

Environmental Stewardship Award – Tupperware Malaysia/Singapore
Tupperware Brands Malaysia/Singapore continues to demonstrate extraordinary leadership in the environmental arena – from active involvement on college campuses – to the successful ECO Living Carnival 2012 which attracted over 10,000 visitors.

Youth Empowerment Award – Tupperware Germany
Tupperware Germany is supporting a non-profit organization that offers workshops designed to prevent dangerous addiction problems among school-aged children across Germany. Their slogan is “We make children strong”.
2012 GSR Global Impact Awards

Sustainable Social Development Award – Nuvo Cosmetics Uruguay
Nuvo Cosmetics continues to partner with Logros Foundation to support organic vegetable garden cultivation in schools around the country. The goal is to instill healthy eating habits, care and appreciation for the environment, and alleviate food shortages.

Cause Marketing Champion Award – Tupperware Russia (CIS)
Tupperware CIS and one of the most famous artists in Russia, Nikas Safronov, joined forces to support Nastenka Foundation through the design of a series of “collectable” sandwich keepers featuring icons of Russian heritage. Funds raised via this Cause-Related Marketing effort greatly exceeded expectations.

Sales Force Engagement Award – Tupperware Brands Mexico
Tupperware Brands Mexico places the wellbeing of women and families at the top of its GSR agenda by successfully involving Sales Force members and their children, as well as Associates to fund solutions to challenging social issues. These include after school youth development clubs, an emergency crisis hotline for women at risk, and educational opportunities for SFM and their families.

World Water Day: Tupperware Bottles Take Over Big Apple

Tupperware set out to create awareness for the health benefits of drinking water and reducing the use of disposable bottles through a guerrilla campaign surrounding World Water Day 2013.

Check out video:


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